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The biggest of all the Hawaii islands, the Big Island has some big events that will really help you to get to know the island and its culture.Because the Big Island is, well, so big (4,028 square miles, a bit smaller than Connecticut) — driving around it takes a long time.

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To avoid the crowds and score better deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, and activities, travel during low tourism season.Plan your trip during one of the many special events happening on the island of Hawaii.For even more information about what to expect when you visit, contact the vacation specialists at Kona Coast Vacation today.And with all that room it has plenty of adventure waiting for the traveler willing to explore it.

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Big Island Tours are the best way to see the island and experience the true beauty of Hawaii.

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Built around five beautiful lakes, the city and its surrounding suburbs are home to about 650,000 people.

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With more miles of coastline than any other Hawaiian Island, the waters of the island of Hawaii are a haven for marine life.

That said, we understand it can be difficult to choose the best sights and experiences.You could do all the usual island activities: swim, snorkel, surf.

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A holiday on the Big Island of Hawaii can certainly fill a few action-packed days.

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Explore the best hikes, scenic drives, top beaches, secrets spots and more.Ranking of the top 14 things to do in Hawaii - The Big Island.

There is a little bit of everything spread out over the island.

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Local experts sharing beautiful pictures and detailed descriptions of the things to do on Big Island.Hawaii is full of amazing things to do do that are free and that you wont get to experience elsewhere.

The aptly named Big Island is fantastically diverse, with miles of highways and - better yet - byways to explore.The classic Hawaiian menu features fresh fish, local organic produce, grass-fed steak and free-change chicken from the island, vegetarian options and more.

Top teenager approved activities to do on the Big Island of Hawaii and in and around Kona and Hilo.The activities listed below are our favorite things to do here.Things to do on the Big Island of Hawaii Day 1: Hilo, Big Island.

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The Big Island is divided up into six primary districts—or moku—each with its own unique history and landscape.The largest of the Hawaiian Islands is abundant with fine beaches, rewarding hikes, scenic drives, tourist attractions and countless other culinary, cultural and adventurous highlights.